Granite Countertop Solutions

Job Information

First, we would like to thank you for choosing to have your new countertops installed by Lumbermen’s Counter Solutions. Our teams of employee owners look forward to serving you!

Before we arrive to template your new countertops, there are a few items that we ask you to take care of to help make this new addition to your home as stress-free and smooth as possible.

We do require that a decision maker is on site for the template to ensure we answer all questions regarding how you want your new countertops to look. This will help to make sure that you are getting the tops that you’ll love but also helps get the process underway once the template is complete. We will request a signature of the decision maker for the final selections. If no one is present we will be in contact to answer any remaining questions which may delay the start of the drawings for your tops.

Please make sure that all items are removed from existing countertops so we have a clear and unobstructed surface to template. If you have new cabinetry please make sure everything is in place and is flush and plumb. Make sure openings for appliances are the proper dimensions and all panels, trim etc that need to be factored into the countertop dimensions are in place.

Please also make sure that if any sinks are involved with the job that they are onsite for the template technician to bring them back to our shop for plotting to ensure the hole cut for the sink is accurate. If you are using a farm/apron type sink also make sure this sink is installed into the cabinetry in its final position PRIOR to the template. Faucets and other plumbing items do not need to be on site for template as these holes will be drilled at install but please be sure to have them by install. Any other items that will require a hole (i.e. pop up outlets, grommets etc) should be discussed and dimensioned at template to ensure the hole is cut in fabrication or the install crews warned of any special size bits that are required to complete the hole.

If we are removing your old countertops, please make the template technician aware of this at template so they can take into consideration any added work that the installers may need to be aware of. Also, if any support is needed for the overhangs of the top this will also be discussed at template. The template technician will walk you through the template and cover any other miscellaneous items that may need to be addressed as well.

The completion of these items is greatly appreciated by your professional template technician.

For details regarding lead times please consult your dealer.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Before we arrive to install your new countertops, there are a few items that we ask you to take care of to help make this new addition to your home as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Please make sure that we have safe, unobstructed access from the install truck to the install location (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

  • This includes (but is not limited to): removal of snow/ice, construction debris, shoes, pets, children, furniture, pictures on the wall, and major appliances (if
  • These tops are extremely heavy and fragile until installed. Any tripping hazard could potentially be dangerous.

Please also make sure that you have your new faucet on site, as well as any other items that will need a hole drilled in the countertop (soap dispenser, water purifier, etc.). These holes will be drilled on site at the time of install.

If we are removing your old countertops, please empty all the contents of the lower cabinets and place in a safe place in another room. This will allow the installers access to any screws for removal of the tops, help to limit damage or contamination of any cabinet contents, and make clean-up of any debris easier. All plumbing/electrical hookups will also need to be disconnected by others before we can remove the old countertops.

Finally, we will need someone on site with the authority to make decisions on any faucet hole layouts and to sign the final approval sheet when the installation is complete.

The completion of these items is greatly appreciated by your professional installation crew.

For details regarding lead times please consult your dealer.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Care Instructions

Granite countertops are composed of natural materials and are subject to variations in background color, veining distribution and pattern. Fissures, dry seams and pitting are naturally occurring features in granite and should not be considered a defect. These natural characteristics will not change over time and in no way will affect the performance of the granite. All slabs are inspected prior to the installation. Absolutely no claims are accepted after installation.

All granite countertops come with a 1 year warranty on Fabrication and Installation. This warranty does not apply to natural characteristics or items caused by normal wear and tear, problems resulting from acts of nature or natural disasters beyond the control of Counter Solutions by Lumbermen’s. No steps taken by Counter Solutions by Lumbermen’s to correct a defect shall act to extend the terms of the warranty beyond the warranty period.

Placement of all seams is at the discretion of Counter Solution’s by Lumbermen’s. Seams are visible to the eye and touch. Every effort is made to ensure that the seam is placed in the best location for structural integrity and to make the tops aesthetically pleasing. Natural characteristics of granite make it impossible to guarantee a match in color or veining when seaming two pieces together. Color coordinated epoxy will be used to fill the seam, and blend in with the countertop. Minor cracks in grout and caulking are unavoidable and are considered normal due to expansion and contraction of rigid materials.

Your countertop will come with a highly polished finish, unless otherwise noted. Irregularities in natural materials like granite are common, reflecting the unique natural patterns and finish that give each granite countertop its distinctive appearance.

Granite countertops are semi-porous. Yet they will resist staining when properly sealed and maintained. Most any stains that do occur can be removed with a poultice.

All countertops are sealed prior to installation using a specially formulated stone sealer.

Use lukewarm water or Windex to clean your countertop.

Granite countertops are extremely hard surfaces and very resistant to scratching. The top should not be used as a cutting surface since it will dull your knives. The use of cutting boards is recommended.

When fabricating countertops, chipping at the edges and corners may occur. These chips are normally resin filled and are normal characteristic when dealing with natural stone. They are allowed providing the structural integrity of the stone is not affected.

Granite countertops are very heat resistant and unlikely to burn or scorch. However, thermal shock or cracks may occur if the countertop is subject to extreme temperature changes. It is recommended that you protect your countertop from extreme heat by using trivets or hot pads.

The material from the sink and cook top cut-outs are not part of the finished product and will not be made available to the customer.

The higher the quality (and price), the longer the life span (as a general rule). Some can provide protection for up to ten years. The life expectancy of the sealer you purchase should be clearly marked on the product label. To be safe, don’t wait until the old sealer wears off before applying additional coats. Granite sealers are easy to work with. They penetrate deep into the granite pores and help prevent absorption of water and oils; which can leave a stain.

As with any specialty product, always read the application instructions, and follow them to the letter. Many granite sealers tell you to apply them to dry granite. This is very important. Be aware of what dry means. This doesn’t mean clean the countertop and then dry it with a paper towel. Water from the cleaning process can seep into the granite just as a liquid that might stain it. If water is in the small cracks, fissures and spaces between the crystals, the sealer can’t penetrate into the granite.

Clean the granite and let it dry for 24 hours or allow a fan to blow across the granite for eight hours. Wet granite has a richer color than dry granite, so wait for the granite to get that faded look before opening the sealer.

Allow sealer to soak in a few minutes (do not let sealer dry on the surface), buff it with an old terry-cloth bath towel. These rough clothes do a fantastic job of making the granite shine. Do not use a mechanical buffer unless you really know what you’re doing. You can easily ruin the granite finish in short order.

Granite Edge Profiles

Profiles shown are for standard 3CM thickness only. Edge profiles may vary from images.

Available Standard Edges

Quartz Edge Z - 1/8" Eased
Quartz Edge J - 1/4" Eased
Quartz Edge ZS - Top Bevel
Quartz Edge A - Half Bullnose
Quartz Edge V - Bullnose
Edge FS - FS Ogee

Granite Sink Reveals

Sink choice may have an effect on availability of reveal.

Quartz Overhang Reveal

Overhang Reveal (Standard)

The countertop edge overhangs to cover the inside edge of the sink.

Quartz Radius Reveal

Radius Reveal

The countertop edge sits back to expose the radius edge detail of the sink.